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Uniminex SAS is the operating company of the Río Blanco open pit mining title, and was established in 2017.

After two years of operation, it has reached a production of 15,000 tons / month, with the possibility of increasing it throughout 2019 and beyond, with new land purchases that would increase monthly production.


The current relationship with this company (since July 2016), considerably strengthens the national and international operations of Gemcoal SAS, generating local sales of 97,632MT in 2018.


The main advantage that Uniminex offers to Gemcoal, is that it functions as a supplier and strategic ally, since it has the same strategic direction, which allows Gemcoal to have inventory of coal secured for sale.

Río Blanco project

The Río Blanco Mine is a coal project established in 2014 and is based in Santander, Colombia. The area was extensively explored by the companies Rio Tinto and Tigers.

It has the purpose to produce metallurgical coal in a responsible way for the international market. The project employs local labor to improve their quality of life.

Since 2016, Uniminex has produced more than 250,000 ton of metallurgical coal in the Rio Blanco mine. 



  • Mining Title FHD-161

  • Environmental Licensing RES. DGL N° 00001162


The Rio Blanco Project is located in the Magdalena Medio zone of Colombia (Landazuri- Cimitarra). It is located 640 Km  from the port of Santa Marta, which is one of the biggest ports in Colombia. With an investment in roads, it could be possible to reduce that distance to under 572 KM to the port.

Seams formation


Due to the characteristics of the mine, there are 3 different groups of seams. The first group is a high volatile coal (more than 32%), follow by the second group, which is a medium volatile (25% - 31%) and last, is a low volatile coal (less than 23%). 

Annual Output

The mine of Rio Blanco is divided in 3 open pits. 

At the present time the mine is only operating “Tajo 1” and “Tajo 2”at its full capacity.  Recently Uniminex started operation in “Tajo 3” and for the beginning of 2020 will start “Tajo 5”.

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